Thursday, 25 September 2008

Living on the Edge

High Cup Nick, looking towards Dufton area. Imposing but beautiful, and the start of the descent to the finish.

Shining Path

"And memories of winding paths, shining in the rain,
To places where we parted, and we shall not meet again"
(One Green Hill - the Oysterband)

Part of the trail from Cow Green to High Cup Nick.

Hide and Seek

Eponine, in a shooting butt.

Pausing for food on the long drag from God's Bridge to Golds Carr.

Here be Trolls

God's Bridge.

Nice place for a visitors book.


Strange - there was this meticulously painted sign warning us of the presence of a bull, but I never saw it. Maybe there's a small irony in there...

The Rare Cumbrian Banana Pine

Nine Standards

Looking back up the trail onto Nine Standards Rigg, early on in the 2008 Man of Porage.
Note the absence of anyone behind me...